: Communication & IT Role in the DNP Project

Topic: Communication & IT Role in the DNP Project

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This discussion activity explores communication and the role of information technology in project implementation and evaluation. Review the posted references. You may wish to do a quick library search for additional references. Also look at Chapters 7 and 8 in Moran et. al. Think about your DNP project and address the following issues in the initial posting as they relate to your DNP Project which is Implementing Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Measures in your group practice:

1. Discuss the role of IT in your DNP Project implementation and evaluation. Especially consider the use of IT in the intervention, ongoing monitoring or auditing, outcome measurement and reporting. What are potential limitations or issues related to IT? (25 points).

2. Consider aspects of communication related to your project. What communication means and frequency will be used throughout project implementation and evaluation? Which individuals, directly and indirectly involved in the project, need to be included in such communication. How can you best utilize your DNP Project Committee members? How should meetings be arranged, scheduled, and conducted? (25 points)

3. Examine the systems used and possible software necessary to meet the project communication and/or IT needs. What EHR system is being used? What reporting systems are being used? What types of communication software or applications are being used? What software programs may be used in data collection, and analysis? (10 points)

4. Discuss the legal and ethical concerns regarding communicating aspects of the project using various technology mediums. Consider the use of e-mail, texts, patient portals, etc. Think about PHI and “the need to know” (15 points)

The initial response is due April 10th 11:55 pm and worth a total of 75 points. Writing style, grammar and APA are worth 25 points. The assignment is worth a total of 100 points.

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