Comparative Analysis Paper

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Comparative Analysis Paper
Submit a 4-page (maximum 6 pages) double spaced APA document discussing organizational theory and design concepts. Select two organizations (example: Target and Walmart) and discuss the similarities and differences in the two companies. The purpose of writing a comparative analysis in this course is to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. Read the company information several times to ensure you understand the premise of the information. Provide a brief overview of the articles that you select. Summarize the author’s major points in the article. How did the companies begin? Examine the mission statements. Are they similar? Are the hierarchies similar? Do they have a centralized or decentralized organizational structure? How are the employees awarded and promoted? What did you learn from the information? How significant is this information to the concepts that you have learned from the readings, discussions questions and other information in this course? What design changes would you make to the organizations, if any?
Select peer reviewed venues that discuss organizational theory and design. Information referencing companies is found in the Amberton library. Company information may be found in the annual reports. Information found on Wikipedia, or in newspapers are not considered scholarly or academic. Focus on summarizing the information and compare the knowledge you have obtained from readings in the text.
Paper should be written in APA format with a title page, citations, conclusion, and reference page. Please note that these pages are not included in the 4-page count.

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