Compare and contrast the leadership qualities

This part aims to determine how you address the following:
Critically analyse contrasting leadership theories, concepts or models that interest you.

Evaluate the relevance of your selected theories, concepts or models to contemporary leaders. Be sure to justify your methods for evaluation.

Explain the role of trust within the frameworks of your theories, concepts or models.

Identify the implications for personal, team and organisational effectiveness for improving health and managing disease, in regards to your selected theories, concepts or models.

In the critique, please be sure to address the following:

Include both an introduction and conclusion.

Fully state and justify any choices or assumptions that you make using the suggested readings for this unit as well as your own research. Include references to any sources you have used. All sources should be cited using Harvard Referencing Style.

Contrasting Leadership Models

Compose a brief biography of two contemporary, successful health care leaders. Who are they? What have they achieved? Why are they significant enough to warrant analysis?

Summarise the region, background and applicable health care organisations pertaining to each of your selected public health leaders.

Compare and contrast the leadership qualities of each of your selected leaders. Be sure to address the following questions:

– What characteristics are desirable? Why?

– What characteristics should be avoided? Why?

Compare and contrast the different approaches your selected leaders take in leading health systems and evaluate their effectiveness at improving health and managing disease in their respective regions/organisations.

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