Compare the role of women in society

Short answer essay themes: When considering the following questions it would be good to use examples to support your point of view. I McNeil: Rise of the West: why the West?

Compare the role of women in society from the beginning to the end of the course. Pick major civilizations in each period to compare, from early civilization to post-classical & early modern.

Fragmentation: Do all empires wax and wane? Compare empires, early, classical and post -classical to consider why? How did religion change from the classical period to the post-classical period? S Were the Dark Ages dark, explain? Text and readings are a good idea here.

Examine literature in Classical societies and post-Classical; what changes, if anything?

c7 Which era and civilization would you choose to live in instead of our own? Why?

Do you agree with the Jared Diamond thesis that Eurasia had an advantage in technology due to geography and do you believe that all great civilizations ultimately destroy themselves?




2. Examine the role of women; where and when do they have it better or worse? Use ideas from the text and readings to demonstrate your answer.

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