Compare white collar crime in the United States to white collar crime in India

What are the characteristics of people in India who commit white collar crime (e.g: age, occupation or profession, lifestyle). Find a case of white collar crime that occurred in India and discuss the circumstances of the case: Who committed it? How did it happen? Who was/is affected? Whose trust was violated? How much money was involved? What consequences did the offender sustain – prison time? Money repaid? How is that case the same or different to cases of white collar crime in the United States? NOTE: 2G, Satyam and Bhopal may not be used. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE BY MIDNIGHT, May 24. Your paper should be 4- 5 pages in length. APA Style required (NO ABSTRACT OR TABLEOF CONTENTS!) Make sure you cite your resources! You may only use scholarly journal articles found through the WilmU Library, Late submissions will be accepted only at the instructor’s discretion and only for reduced points. (0 points is possible!)

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