compare/contrast flim review

compare/contrast flim review
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Write a 5-7 page paper comparing/contrasting at least two films by the same director, writer, or cinematographer. You can use the elements that you covered in your critical review as the basis for your paper, with the addition of acting and sound elements.

**Pick 2 of the Harry Potter Films that you think would have the best compare/contrast.

Please focus your review on the following ten questions: **And add acting and sound elements.**

1.What is the meaning of the title? (0-3 points)

2. What is the film’s genre? (0-3 points)

3. Describe at least 3 story points that are NOT in the plot. (0-6 points)

4. What nondiegetic elements are present and why do you think they are there? (0-6 points)

5. Who is the protagonist? Other major characters? Are they round or flat? (0-6 points)

6. How does design/mise-en-scene/lighting contribute (or not) to the verisimilitude of the movie? (0-6 points)

7. What patterns do you discern in shot length/types? (0-6 points)

8. How are camera angles used? Are they mostly point-of-view? (0-9 points)

9. What type of composition is used? Describe at least 2 shots that use the Rule of Thirds. (0-6 points)

10. When and why is camera movement used? (0-9 points)
Please ensure that your paper is word-processed, edited for grammar/spelling, is double-spaced, has no greater than a 12-point font, and has standard margins. You will turn in your critical review to the drop box in the Canvas website for this course: the formatting may change, but I can correct that when I grade it. Cite your sources; internal citations are adequate (you don’t need to attach a Works Cited page).

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