Concentrated Photo Voltaic Thermal (CPVT)

Concentrated Photo Voltaic Thermal (CPVT)

Concentrated Photo Voltaic Thermal (CPVT) is a new technology that introduces cooling the CPV to

i- Improves Electrical CPVT efficiency (more electrical energy)
ii- Recover the thermal energy for different applications (heating, drying and desalination & Electrical Power Generation).
Carry out a literature survey on both market and Research & Development in CPVT.

Suggested sources:
“Solar Panels: Cheapest and renewable source of energy,”, 2015. [Online]. Available at: solar-panels-cheapest-renewable-source-energy/. [Accessed: 29-Mar 2016].

P. J. Axaopoulos and E. D. Fylladitakis, “Performance and economic evaluation of a hybrid photovoltaic/thermal solar system for residential applications,” Energy and Buildings, vol. 65, pp. 488–496, Oct. 2013.

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You may use other sources if needed.

Please include:
Abstract, Table of Content, Introduction, Conclusion, and References.

In the research, please focus on these points:
-PVT and its 3 types (air, liquid, concentrated)
-Research and Development of CPVT
-Comparison of the three types mentioned above (regarding Temperature, Efficiency, and Energy Produced).

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