Concept of parentalalienation-parental alienation syndrome

This is a multiple question what is thedifference between the general concept of parentalalienation and parental alienation syndrome.? (Seem myprofessor cant answer this question)

Is it that parental alienation refers to the child?sstrong alliance with one parent and rejection of a relationshipwith the other parent without legitimate justification?

Is it that parental alienation syndrome (PAS), typicallyrefers to a child with parental alienation who manifests some orall of eight characteristic behaviors, which include: thechild?s campaign of denigration against the alienated parent;frivolous rationalizations for the child?s criticism of thealienated parent; lack of ambivalence; the independent-thinkerphenomenon; reflexive support of the preferred parent against thealienated parent; an absence of guilt over exploitation of thealienated parent; borrowed scenarios; and spread of thechild?s animosity toward the alienated parent?sextended family (Gardner, 1992).

Why doesnt the DSM and ICD view Parental alienation as a Mentaldisorder? This is a the worst case of Mental abuse a child canendure and the Family court system support this type of behavior.When will the courts fight for the children instead of themoney?

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