concept paper strategic managment

concept paper strategic managment

Students should review the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) or Business Week (BW) for practical corporate

examples of theoretical concepts and models discussed in our chapter readings and apply and integrate them together in a Concept Integration Paper (CIP). Each CIP

should be 3-4 pages long, double-spaced.

Concept Integration Papers should be typed or computer word-processed. Use one-inch margins left and right, top and bottom. Do not use a cover page. Number pages

including the first page.  Double space between lines and paragraphs. Use a professional font (Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri), font size 12.

Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management and the Environment.  In Chapter 4 of Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management, the author discusses the

relationship between organizational environment and strategy and suggests that the corporate environment is becoming increasingly turbulent and unpredictable. In

Chapter 2 of Strategic Management, the authors develop a model for understanding industries, competitive forces in the industry environment, industry life cycles, and

forces at work in the macroenvironment. Using these models, discuss the challenges leader-managers face in guiding their organizations into a turbulent and uncertain

future. Discuss the nature of the differences between opportunities and threats. Also discuss how the six forces influence industry life cycles and how strategy must

evolve and mature as an industry matures.

complete this assignment using the book “Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management Leading and Managing Change on the Edge of Chaos by Stringham” It’s free on

Google books

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