CONE 3302 Report # 1 Spring 2017 /Contemporary Engineering Issues.

CONE 3302 Report # 1 Spring 2017 /Contemporary Engineering Issues.

Assignment: You are to write a formal paper on Contemporary Engineering Issues.
Due dates: Next Monday, January 30, 2017 – You are to submit a one page, one paragraph outline of your report topic. See below for some suggested topics.
NLT noon on Tuesday, February 28, 2014 (or before) – Turn in the final paper.
 Follow the nonsensical report format available on Blackboard.  Your paper is to be 7 to 10 pages of type written text in Times New Roman font, 12 point type, with

1.5 spaces between lines (not two).  You should have at least five (5) hard copy references for your paper.  Electronic references are acceptable as additional

references but they are not hard copy references.  Graphs and figures are many times necessary in the text of the paper, however, they do not count as typed written

test. All of the graphs and figures presented will be summed together and as a maximum, they will be counted as 1.5 pages of typed written text if they sum to more

than 2 pages.
Some topics (but not all) that you may use are:
Engineering Economics: nationwide, worldwide: associated with manufacturing a particular product or family of products. Cars, Portland cement, steel pipe, Cu pipe,

PVC pipe, electrical conductors, etc.
Energy availability: Energy sources, Energy reliability, renewable energy, non-renewable energies, new energy recovery techniques, etc.
Energy usage: nationwide, worldwide, : for living, transportation, communications, building construction, roadway construction, pipeline construction, manufacturing,

Infrastructure: aging roads, aging bridges, aging underground pipelines, aging electrical grid, aging electrical generation, solar flares, global warming, green

building construction, disposal or recycling non-toxic waste, disposal of toxic waste, cleanup of toxic waste, etc.
Safety issues: work place safety, equipment design safety, engineering disasters causing injuries and loss of life, engineering practices that caused injuries or loss

of life, etc .
These are not the only topics you may choose to write on, you may choose another. I will decide whether or not it is acceptable.
All the issues have dollars ($) tied to them. It would be better to tie cost to British Thermal Units (BTU) or Joules (J) for these efforts rather than to use dollars

or any other monetary measure. The monetary measure change with time. The energy for a task is mostly constant unless a new technology reduces the energy necessary

for a particular task. A new technology may generate a new waste product that must be disposed of, in a safe fashion.

Papers turned in early are welcome. The papers are expected to be well written and grammatically correct. Grammatical mistakes will be subtracted from you overall

1. Stapled, upper left hand corner (10%) 2 Cover Sheet, (10%) 3. Abstract, (15%) 4. Introduction, (15%) 5. Discussion, (20%) 6. Data/Tables/Graphs

(if relevant), 7. Conclusion, (10%) 8. References, (1pt/internet, 3pts/hardcopy) (up to 20%)

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