Confounding Factors

Confounding Factors
As an Individual what are your Individual and Civic Responsibilities when it comes to our Personal Health?

In chapter 11 and from the assigned readings and lectures several socio-cultural considerations were identified and discussed as playing a role one’s health. Some of
these individual and social considerations are listed below:


2. Drug abuse

a. Cocaine

b. Marijuana

c. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) and other Hallucinogens

d. Crystal Meth

e. Prescription Drugs

3. Tobacco and Alcohol Abuse

4. Violence and Intentional Injury

5. Teen pregnancy

6. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

7. Obesity

Please write about these factors and how they affect or can impact one’s personal health and how these factors all of us as a society.

You must express your own opinion on the impact of these issues both at the individual level as well as the societal level. In other words, how does each of these
factors affect your individual health and how do they affect the overall health of the society?

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