conservation of energy.

conservation of energy.
science homework
You will read a physics education research (PER) paper(attached). This is one of the few PER papers I could find about high school physics. The topic is a framework
for problem-solving with a specific example about conservation of energy.


Read J.L. Docktor, N.E. Strand, J.P. Mestre, and B.H. Ross, “Conceptual problem solving in high school physics,” Phys. Rev. ST – PER 11, 020106 (2015).

Respond to the following prompts:

1. How would you adapt conceptual problem-solving for your classes? What do you think the advantages and disadvantages would be?

2. This paper details all of the complications and difficulties of conducting physics education research in high school. What ideas do you have for conducting a
successful study in a high school setting?

Minimum 2 pages and 2 references. Please use the details from the paper.

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