Consumer behavior commercial case

Consumer behavior commercial case


I uploaded the project guadline and my part is 6 ( recommendation ) which must be done based on part 5 which is done and shared below

here is link of commercial :

· Appropriateness of arguments, messages, selection of appeal, and settings in the commercial to target market.
· The ad uses the appropriate argument when IT enhances the attributes of the Iphone 7 like the DEPTH OF EFFECT AND THE PORTRAIT MODE.
· The marketers are using effectively the persuasion method by Changing Schema Based Affect. This commercial shows that Apple has the ability to bring people together and have a better sense of community .

· The selection of the Appeal is successful when the use the Rational Appeal.Consumers would want the functionality of a new and improved camera that contains more features.People prefer a simpler way to take pictures with their phones rather than carrying around a camera .As a photographer this is a very attractive feature of the iPhone 7 Plus .
· Marketers are using effectively congruency theory in this ad and the messages by segmenting the market into a group of consumers who perceive high self-concept congruence with product-user image. This female consumer sees herself as being a stylish & also a popular person. The marketers make her believe that people who have the latest Iphone 7 are sophisticated and well- liked , so she bought the Iphone 7.
· In this ad, the marketers are targeting innovators and early adopter consumers. These kind of consumers tend to be influential when discussing products and services with members of other groups. As such, they tend to be opinion leaders for specific product categories. The marketers have attained their goal , in this ad, they convince the innovators and early adopters to take the risk and buy this Iphone 7.
· The key messages in this ad use enculturation , which represents the way people learn their native culture. In other words, enculturation represents the way in which consumers learn and develop shared understandings of things with their families. So the messages are very straight forward, consumers can see clearly the attributes of the Iphone 7 and the message of belongingness and enculturation.
· However, not everything in this ad is appealing. Consumers that don’t find any pleasure in learning about their ancestors’ native cultures would not be interested in this kind of ad. Another segment of consumers that these marketers are failing to reach, are the highly technological consumers.

· The marketers fail to create a setting/environment in the ad that appeals to the modern consumer because it shows an old town with an old fashion environment/setting. This ad would be boring for the contemporary consumer.

Anticipated competitor response, anticipated results

· The main competitor would be Samsung, so they would take advantage of this ad lacking a modern/contemporary ambiance . Samsung could just bring and ad with a futuristic setting and with modern looking people and scenes and take the big segment of the innovators and early adopters.

· The anticipated result would be that Iphone 7 would take consumers who see the highest hedonic value in the purchase of the Iphone 7, but they would lose the consumer that see the Samsung as the highest utilitarian value in the Samsung phone.

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