contemporary Chinese Society

DescriptionQuestion 1: As minority immigrants, New Zealand Chinese face many challenges the moment they set their feet on “the land of the long white cloud”. Many, after years of struggling, found their ‘New Zealand Dream’ broken. Read the following article and discuss why many Chinese immigrants find life is difficult here in New Zealand? Do you think those difficulties are particularly true for Chinese immigrants alone or they are common among all new immigrants? Why? Around 150 words
Chinese immigrants tell of tough new lives in NZ, NZ Herald, 24/03/2010Question 2: Chinese parents are super strict and serious about their children’s education, and overseas Chinese are no exceptions. This has been sparked again (?) by a book chapter from a Tiger Mum (Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.doc ). Read the linked chapter and discuss: Do you really think there is a basic difference between Chinese way of parenting and Western way of parenting? If yes, what is it? If not, why. Again, justify your point of view with your understanding of the recommended reading. Around 150 Words

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