Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

This essay should be 3500 words.

You are the Vice President of Corporate Citizenship of a company located in the Chicago metropolitan area. You can pick any corporation or financial institution that does a lot of business in Chicago metro and has a presence in the community. You need to prepare a memorandum to the CEO, Christopher S. Robinson to describe to him the current CSR priorities of the company and to advise him whether they make sense from a strategic point of view. Please explain to Mr. Robinson the ethical and business cases for such priorities.

Then, provide advice to the CEO as to ways that the company could, strategically and as a good citizen, create a better link to the Chicago metro community. Please provide at least 5 ideas.

Identify at least one not-for-profit organization with which the company should develop a profitable partnership for Chicago.

Please organize your memoranda by idea and by other topics so Mr. Robinson can really focus on your ideas.

The Board of Directors has strongly stated that it is important for the company to be connected with the Chicago community and really will be looking for some creative ideas that will reflect well on the Company and show that it takes Corporate Social responsibility seriously.

This assignment will therefore show me research skills on the company you choose and your business creativity in coming up with new ideas that can make a difference.

For example, if the company’s website or CSR report says that it is focused on reduction of waste, explain why that does or does not make sense for the company. Then explain what 5 initiatives would be good alternative strategic CSR efforts it could make to link to Chicago and its community. Also think of a strategic alignment with an NGO on the subject.

To be clear, one or two of your ideas can be charitable initiatives but I also want you to use imagination to come up with possible “shared value” ideas whereby your company can strategically come up with new products or services that will be profitable, improvements to the value chain that will save money and help society at the same time, and/or improve clusters, as described by Porter & Kramer in their article.

Please choose a company other than the one that you used for Essay 2.

Although a portion of your essay (memo) must obviously be devoted to describing your company and its current objectives, the majority of the memo should be a persuasive effort to push your 5 objectives for CSR development. Most of your grade will be based on seeing your creativity in developing new ideas for the company.

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