Corporate Social Responsibility And Ethics Report

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Corporate Social Responsibility And Ethics Report
For this assignment, you will study the ethical behavior and social responsibility of an organization. Begin by selecting a company that you might like to work for. Then conduct an analysis of the organization?s corporate social responsibility efforts and ethics programs. Use the organization?s website and publications, along with external media sources to collect your information.

You will be expected to go beyond description; grading will consider the quality of analysis. The paper should be 5-7 pages. Cite your sources throughout the paper. Although this is not a writing course, I do expect that your writing will enhance, rather than detract, from the content of your paper. The paper should be well organized, clearly written and free from errors.

The final written paper consists of four sections:

1. Introduction (include a brief introduction to the organization)

2. Corporate Social Responsibility
This section is a written report of your analysis on the organization?s corporate social responsibility efforts. First, conduct an analysis of their organization website. Is information about CSR readily accessible? Second, what are the two or three main areas of involvement in CSR for the organization? What programs are they involved in? Third, describe various stakeholders and the relationship of the organization with those stakeholders (be specific).

3. Ethics Programs
This section is a written report of your analysis on the organization?s ethics programs. First, briefly describe the formal ethics programs of the organization. Do they have a formal code of ethics for the organization? Do they have a mission or values statement that includes ethical considerations? Do they have an ethics officer or corporate ethics committee? What other types of ethics programs do they have?

Second, review the organization?s communication channels for ethics. Is ethics information presented on their website? What about recruiting information or organization newsletters?

Third, discuss any external media reports on the organization?s ethical (or unethical) behavior. Has the organization been implicated in ethical misconduct? Has the organization received positive press about their ethical behavior?

4. Conclusion ? Briefly describe what you have learned about this organization. What are their strengths and weaknesses in ethics and corporate social responsibility?

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