Country Analysis

Country Analysis


As Adler states, “The world of organizations is no longer defined by national boundaries” (Adler, p. v). And, “Managing the global enterprise and modern business management have become synonymous” (Adler, p. 5).


***Can’t Use Russia***

Develop a paper of 6-8 double spaced pages based on the topic “A Briefing of (name of country),” (Not the same country as for the Midterm) (Russia can’t be used). You are also to provide a separate 8-10 slide Power Point presentation. Your paper might include (but not be limited) to the following:

Location / size / population
History (Brief. This is not to be a history of the country. What is the most significant event in last 100 years +/- that affect culture?)
Political System
Economic System (currency; exchange rate with US$)
Values and ethics
Business Practices
Tips for leading in this country
Challenges / anxieties
Conclusion (What is most important to remember about leading and/or managing an office or facility in this country).

● APA format (title page, abstract, text, citations, and references, PPt). You may want to refer to the paper in Conferences, “Writing Papers That Are Easy to Grade”

● 1” margins on all sides

● Times New Roman, 12 point font

● Double spacing

● Avoid use of 1st person (I and we)

● 6-8 pages


At least three. You have had three previous graded assignments with comments. Take note of comments,Country Analysis

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