Course: CIS342 – Cloud Computing And Virtualization And Assignments: Email Migration Assignment

company wants to migrate their email, calendar, and other associated applications to the web. You are to write a plan to perform this migration so that it includes backups, storage, and whether email clients can also be used on the desktop i.e. Thunderbird.

The requirements for your paper are:

· The plan must address:

o Migration of email, calendar, and associated applications

o Backups and storage

o Option for a desktop application

o Difference between POP3 and IMAP

o How encryption can be used to keep data protected and ensure it is not delivered in plain text

· APA formatted including title page, reference page, and in-text citations.

· Length of 2-3 pages, excuding the title and reference pages.

· Minimum of 2 scholarly resources.

Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

Also use the below APA style:


PA Format- As a reminder, we are always using APA format for all discussion board posts and assignments.

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