Course Project Formal Report

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Course Project Report
This is a formal report that is a compilation of all planning documents from Weeks 1?7 plus change management
The final report for your Course Project will be a formal report that you will present to the Project Sponsor (your professor). You will be using the information that you have been preparing each week of the course. You will prepare the report using excellent report writing skills and with content that would be read by an executive of an enterprise. Now is the time to organize and present the information in a way that is understandable and meaningful to your Project Sponsor.
Write the report as though the Project Sponsor is reading the planning details for the first time. You have prepared information each week during the course, and that information will form the foundation for this report. For the final report, you should augment that information with further explanations to facilitate the comprehension of what you are presenting. You will need to demonstrate in your report that you have thought through all that is required to manage your project successfully. Continued funding and resource assignments will depend on how well you have planned, estimated, and communicated all aspects of your project
Preferred language style US English
opic Linear Regression Analysis to Study Transportation Cost Variances within Divisions at College
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This paper presents a framework for using linear regression as a method to analyze the
impact of transportation elements on freight costs. The main focus of this study is building a
reliable tool for Company XYZ to create better visibility of the significance of certain variables
on freight cost; meanwhile, it will also work as a tool to support prediction on future
transportation values enabling a wide range of cost saving opportunities.
Topic Comparative Studies of Wrongful Convictions in the United States and European Countries: Factors that Contribute to Conviction
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Use APA headings

40 pages requirement

Rewrite 16 pages that?s attached. Total pages needed ? (40) the writer did not follow the APA guidelines and the instructions. For example, page numbers and citing references. Writer put page numbers in a block. Used old data, etc. See comments on side of paper.

Please use APA and research that?s not more than 7 years old.

Additional Chapter 2 Literature review Requirement below:
literature review
Discuss multiple sources in order to give a foundation for a study or an overview of a specific topic.
Examining published information on the topic or field.

Create a foundation and justification for research
Demonstrate knowledge on the current state of a field.

Include an introduction and conclusion. Even if the literature review will be part of a longer document

Provide background information for reader, such as including references to the pioneers in the field in the beginning and offering closure in the end by discussing the implications of future research to the field.
Paraphrase all of the material you present in a literature review.
Paraphrasing will also ensure your review of literature is in your authorial voice.

Organize by topic or theme rather than by author. When compiling multiple sources summarize each source and then compare and contrast the sources at the end.
Organize sources by your identified themes and patterns. This organization helps demonstrate your synthesis of the material
Use comparative terms. Transitions and comparison terms will allow you to demonstrate where authors agree or disagree on a topic and highlight your interpretation of the literature
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Subject: biostatistics

One page only does not need a title page. Will attach rubric and article.

1. Read the article.
2. Choose one of the following claims (only one).
a. Claim #1 by Chun et al (2014) is: ?Hand hygiene education and individual feedback of hand hygiene frequency and method were effective in increasing hand hygiene frequency and improving nurses? methodology scores of hand hygiene? (Chun et al., 2014).
b. Claim #2 by Chun et al (2014) is that the intervention? was proven to decrease MRSA acquisition rate and MRSA colonization pressure? (Chun et al., 2014).
3. Write a post for the discussion board in the following format (and post it by Wednesday of Week 8). The post should be 100 to 300 words in length.
a. State the claim
b. List the statistical evidence provided in the article to support the claim c. Explain why the evidence supports or fails to support the claim
4. Engage in the discussion board to read and comment on classmates? and instructors? contributions.
a. Students must engage with the topic; i.e., comments need to present differing perspectives and
alternative explanations.
b. Students must engage in conversation; i.e., when Student B comments on Student A?s post, then
Student A should respond to Student B?s comment.
c. Students must be collegial and collaborative in their posts and conversations.

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