Course Reflection

Directions for Course Reflection
Directions: At the conclusion of each course, you will be expected to write a one to two page summary of what you learned with emphasis on how you believe you achieved the course outcomes delineated in the syllabus as well as how you believe each individual course contributed to your achievement of the RN to BSN student learning outcomes. Faculty design programming (reading, discussion questions, assignments, papers, etc.) to ensure outcomes are met, but the course reflection gets your perspective. Not every outcome needs to necessarily be addressed following each course. However, at the end of the RN to BSN program the portfolio must clearly demonstrate that all six core student learning outcomes were achieved.

Formatting: Please use the template provided. Each course template begins with a listing of course objectives and association student learning outcomes. Your reflection will follow. A cover page is not required, but please include your name as indicated. Throughout the program, portfolio elements (course reflections, sample assignments, etc.) will be consolidated and reformatted into a single document. References are not required; your reflection is purely your thoughts. Formatting should be typed, double spaced. First person reflection is appropriate.

The template is attached. After saving this document delete this page and personalize the reflection section.

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