Create a project schedule for process of hiring new employee

Project 1- Hiring a New Employee

You need to create a project schedule for the process of hiring a new employee for your department.

OPEN a new blank project schedule.

1. Set the project start date to be October 19, 2015.

2. Enter the following tasks and durations: ?

Task Duration

Write job description.

Notify departmental recruiter.

Post job internally.

Post job externally.

Collect resumes.

Review resumes.

Set up interviews.

Conduct interviews.

Select candidate ld

Make offer milestone

3. Assign a finish-to-start relationship to all the tasks.

4. Change the dependency between tasks 3 and 4 to a start-to-start relationship.

5. Change all tasks to the Auto Schedule mode.

6. Use the Statistics button on the Project Information dialog box to determine the current project duration.

7. SAVE the project schedule in the solutions folder for this lesson as Hiring Employee xxd where the xx in the file name is the duration of the project.

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