Part one of this assignment consists of the first three questions (1 to 3) aimed at the bigger question “What Constitutes a Basic Cell if You Were to Build and Engineer One Artificially?”

What do cells need to live in the environment that surrounds a typical cell?
What features form the basic design of a simple cell and will address a cell’s basic needs?
What biosynthetic processes are needed to fulfill a cell’s basic needs?
Part two consists of the questions 4 and 5 and is aimed at “Identifying Basic Parts Needed to Create an Artificial Cell”.

4. What parts are needed to build the minimum machinery of a cell?

5. How do you build this machinery, and how do you tell whether the synthetic cell works?

There are five staged critical thinking questions in this case study to help you work out your answers. Use the five questions to help guide the formulation of your answers. We will also add on a commercially useful feature to turn the synthetic cell into a valuable product. This feature will be disclosed in an accompanying posting on the Preliminary Work forum.

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