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This assignment is meant to help you understand the planning and idea generation needed to define and maintain your marketing strategy. The creative brief is used to

facilitate early interaction between clients and agencies, an outline to help all parties define agreed-upon marketing objectives and keep everybody focused on these

objectives. The specifics of this document can vary from firm to firm and from agency to agency.

For this assignment, you don’t have to re-type the questions but be sure to include the QUESTION NUMBER by your answer.

1) Who is our client?
2) What are our client’s “big picture” goals for their marketing campaign? (Answer this question as a marketer, not just as a student)
3) Are the client’s objectives clear? That is, is it clear from the client what must be achieved through this project?
4) What is our client’s offering, in terms of the product and service (P/S)? In other words, what does the P/S offer to our client’s target audience(s)?
5) Describe in your own words our client’s target audience(s). Think carefully…
i) HINT: “everyone” is not the right answer, even if that’s what the client said!
ii) HINT: There might be more than one target.
• Your answer might include demographic information, age range, gender, typical or noteworthy activities or behaviors, attitudes, opinions.
• Regarding the audience(s), do we have any obstacles or biases to overcome before we even start?
• What, if anything, should be avoided in talking to the audience? Why?
• Which other decision makers must be considered?
6) What is the name of our client’s product or service (P/S)?
• If no name has been chosen, then create one in your own words.
• If they already have a name, can you think of a better one? Why is yours better? If you can’t convince me or our client, try again or go back to theirs.
7) What key PRODUCT issues does our client face?
8) What key PRICE issues does our client face?
9) What key PRESENCE issues does our client face?
10) What key PROMOTION issues does our client face?
11) What or who is our client’s competition?
12) Why would a member of our client’s targeted audience choose our client’s offering instead of a rival offering or nothing at all? NOTE: This can be stated in

terms of tangible and intangible benefits.
13) What is our client’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
• That is, based on the ideas you’ve developed so far, in one sentence, state what our client’s P/S offering can do better than those provided by any of its

competitors. Write that ONE sentence:
• How can this be proven?
14) What is your advertising proposition? Use this Question & Answer format:

CTL+Click the picture (above) to see this example
– To write an advertising proposition, first you should write the spoken or unspoken question that is on the prospective customer’s mind… (e.g., Q: “Where can I

find a car that I can fall in love with”)
– Then you should answer the question in a way that provokes, excites the customer (e.g., A: “Honda is a car that will absolutely sweep you off your feet!”)
(see for more background on this particular ad campaign)
That was just an example; now write an advertising proposition as it relates to our client. Make sure the answer matches the question!
15) What is the punch line, the walk-away point of our client’s campaign? That is, what do you want your brand to mean to the audience? NOTE: This is not the same

as the USP.
16) Summarize some of the client’s key expectations of our class and your (future) team’s “deliverable.”
17) What else do you want to know about our client? What items were not asked or discussed that should have been, or were not answered clearly?
18) Is there any aspect of THIS assignment that you are not sure about?

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