Crew Compliment Pricing

Crew Compliment Pricing Homework(CIVL 236 – Heavy Civil Estimating & Planning)
A HELPFUL HINT: when pricing labor or equipment, for ease of calculations, you may ROUND UP to the nearest HOUR. For EQUIPMENT you can round to the nearest 4 HOURS or ½ DAY so you can avoid carrying a lot of decimals through the calculations.

1. Hey, I got a job I need you to estimate. I just got 216 acres of land that need to be cleaned and grubbed and made ready for development. I went out and scoped out the land before I purchased it. It has a lot of brush and overgrowth, and a whole lot of trees that range up to a 12” caliber diameter. I need to have this land cleared and grubbed and remove all the stuff. Oh, yeah, I forgot…. We got a permit from the DEC to burn the stuff on site to get rid of it. Using the appropriate entries in the Means Manual, use the crew Compliment method to cost this job, providing both a BARE COST estimate and a TIME ESTIMATE for a crew to do the work.

2. You are working for a sub-contractor who has been asked to bid a really good ground cover job. The GC needs to seed about a 6 mile stretch on both sides of a freeway with crown vetch. Crown vetch is that purplish-type ground cover that you see on the side of many roadways. The slopes that need to be seeded on this stretch of roadway average about 28 feet high all along. You are to use a hydroseeder to do the job, as doing it by hand would be just a ridiculous thing to do. Using the crew compliment method, estimate the bare and O & P costs for the project.

3.You are to estimate the costs of placing pavement on a roadway. The roadway is to be 4 miles long, with a 24 foot width (2 – 12 foot lanes). The binder course is to be 4” finished thickness, and the top course (also called the wearing course) is to be 2” thickness (finished). Use the costs for materials in the aggregate pricing list provided on Blackboard, use 145 pcf for the density of paving material Use the standard compaction rate for asphaltic paving material, and a waste factor of 2%. For the paving material, use T1 and T7 grade courses.

5. This problem is the exact same problem as a prior unit pricing problem, namely the Prestressed concrete beams and T’s from Unit Pricing Problems #2. Using CREW COMPLIMENT PRICING, you are to estimate, the cost of procuring & installing the following Precast Structural Pretensioned Concrete beams in a structure. There are two types of beams to erect: rectangular and T-shaped. The following information will be useful for you to know: Rectangular Beams: You are to erect 20, 12” x 20” beams with a 20 foot span, and 6, 12” x 36” beams, with a 30 foot span. T-shaped beams: you are to erect 10, 12” x 20” beams, with a 20 foot span, and 3, 12” x 36” beams, with a 30 foot span. Note: your answer for this problem WILL DIFFER from the previous answer, as you will not be adjusting any of the prices for Schenectady, NY. Use the actual values from the Crew Tables for pricing. For material prices, use the UNIT PRICES for the MATERIALS ONLY from the unit price tables (unadjusted).

6. You are to install sidewalks and tree grates in an area. The sidewalks are to be made of 3000 psi concrete CIP, with 6 x 6 –W1.4 x W1.4 mesh . The concrete is broomed finish, 5” thick, and you need to add 4” thick bank run gravel base. The total square footage for the sidewalks is 2,280 SF. Then , you need to install 9 cast iron tree grates with frames (like the kinds you might see in a shopping mall or around a college campus. The frames are 2 piece, square with a dimension of 5’ per side. Calculate the bare and O & P costs for this task using crew compliment. The appropriate section of the Manual to find the information is 32 06. For concrete pricing, use the Callanan Supplement found on Blackboard. For quantity take-off, include a 10% compaction factor. Wire mesh is priced at $2.00/sf. For the bank run gravel, compact to 95% of volume (i..e, start with 105% of final volume). Use a mark-up factor for equipment and materials of 10%.

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