Crew Exploration Vehicle Design Report

Crew Exploration Vehicle Design Report

Now that you have learned about sources of energy in the universe, and studied the systems of the space shuttle designed in the 1970’s, it is time to put yourself in the engineer’s seat and design a 21st century Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV).
Before you design a new CEV, decide on the purpose of the vehicle. Which type of mission(s) will this vehicle support? For instance, will it just transport a crew to the International Space Station, or do you want it to be multi-functional and have capabilities to transport the crew to the moon or possibly an asteroid?
The purpose of your vehicle will determine the structure of the systems that are required in your design.
In your Crew Exploration Vehicle Design Report, you will need to investigate technologies that support the needs of the anticipated missions for your CEV and then describe how each of the following systems will function:
Life support

In the real world, engineers at different NASA centers and aerospace industry contractors work together to integrate these systems into a functioning piece of hardware such as a CEV.

Report Requirements:
**Make sure that you read the lesson rubric carefully so that you understand completely the assignment requirements!**

500 word minimum (your citations don’t count) using APA style format citation style throughout your report.

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