Criminal Justice

Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse SocietyChapter 12:Hate/Bias Crimes: Reporting, Monitoring, and Response Strategies
please answer all questions separately
Read the relevant chapter in our textbook and the following article which deals with reported Hate Crimes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland during 2009: wp-content/uploads/ 2013/08/understanding-who-commits-hate-crime-and-why-they-do-it-en.pdf

1. According to the article, what are the main 5 reasons for committing hate crimes?

2. According to the Mason Report (2005) when do most hate crimes occur?

3. Compared to the American statistics, Hate Crime in England Wales and N.Ireland are much more prevalent. Why are the figures so different? – suggest an explanation.

4. What are the recommendations presented by the authors of this article to the Welsh Government, and are they applicable to other places as well?

5. According to the textbook, what organizations form the “White Supremacist Movement” and what is their focus is the last several years?

6. Read the paragraph about the Somali population in Lewiston (Maine) – in what way is this case study equivalent to the Syrian refugees coming into the U.S. in recent months?

7. How can prosecutors help in deterring hate crime as part of a holistic response strategy?

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