Criminal Law.

in this assignment you are required to write two full pages. The assignment is divided into two section. Section
one is one full page and section two is also one full page.
Section one: (one page)
In this section, you are required to read the attached files (introduction, chapter 1, chapter 2 and chapter 3)
and answer these questions based on what you read:?
In the Prologue, the writer, Rachel Lloyd introduces us to a new client named Danielle. What specifically did you
find most memorable about Danielle? Why? In Chapter 1, Lloyd identifies several lessons that she has learned
through working with sexually exploited girls, from Melissa to Katherine. Which of these lessons do you think is
most important to learn for someone who is doing outreach with these girls? Why?
IMPORTANT NOTE: Dear writer, please see the attached files ?instructions? and ?sample posts? to see the most
common mistakes and to see what exactly the professor is looking for in this assignment and to avoid all things
that the professor doesn?t need.
Section two: (one page)
In this section, I will copy and paste two of my classmates posts about the same assignment and the writer?s job is
to write his/her response and comments to each one of these two posts. Each response should be approximately
135 words.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Dear writer, for this section, you also have to read attached file ?instructions? to see how
exactly the profe??????ssor wants this section to be written. Please read the file carefully.

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