Critical Analysing of Self reflective journals

Topic: Critical Analysing of Self reflective journals

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” Leadership”.
You are asking to write 2,000 words only of the word count. However, in this self reflection, you are required to write the critical summary of how you engage and the learning process from the journal you have read, and also using the weekly learning log reflective writing diary of each week to help to reflect your analysis journal. The report structure should writing the learning process and they should be linked in each week for example week 1, and then continue on week 2 in the new paragraph, then week 3,4,5 respectively.for further information, please refer to the module handbook.I have done weekly reflective writing diary and I will upload the files later with the lectures slides and assignment brife. Please look at the assignment component 1 on the page 6 of the module handbook. My reflective writing diaries in should be in the appendixes. Please note that now I do not need to do the interview just yet. Only do the analysis self reflection journal.

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