critical lens analysis

Description is a link of movie
is link of another source. This article is the lens for this essay.

The following text is instruction for this essay. Please, avoid using complicated sentence structure and high level vocabulary. Simple and clear sentence is fine.

apply the article [Joseph Stromberg?s piece] to the movie we have discussed in class. Using a reading as a lens means literally looking at things as the reading does, trying to think in its terms (Rosenwasser and Stephen, p. 63).

Learning Outcomes
You are being asked to demonstrate your proficiency in the following categories:

ability to summarize and paraphrase the ?gist? of a piece of scholarly or academic writing in your own words,
ability to read critically, analyze, and synthesize information and concepts in written sources as the basis for developing your own ideas and claims,
ability to make editing choices in style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation that contribute to the clear communication of information and ideas.
Read pg. 63-?-67, ?Apply A Reading as a Lens,? in Writing Analytically. Then attempt the following:

Explore the usefulness of text analysis for explaining the features of the movie.
Determine what ideas/concepts from the text match the movie and which do
Apply those concepts that match well; consider ways that the text helps you to consider the movie differently.
Double space, Times New Roman Font 12, APA Style 6th Ed.

Considerations for Evaluation
Does the analysis identify and focus on specific evidence? Is the significance of this evidence explored? Does the analysis explain what is interesting, strange or revealing about the evidence?
Does the analysis remain independent, brief, and objective by paraphrasing the author?s words, using a minimum of quotations, and avoiding judgment or personal associations?
Does the analysis offer a brief summary/explanation of the essay?s main claim that could be understood by someone unfamiliar with it?
Does the analysis exhibit brevity and coherence through a logical flow of ideas and the use of transitions, attributive tags, and strong verbs?

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