Critical Thinking and Teamwork

Two of our key learning goals in AYN438 was to provide you with opportunities to develop your critical thinking and collaborative (teamwork) skills. To support these aims your team is required to prepare a Mind Map outlining your approach to this Group Research Project.

The Mind Map must be prepared in a professional manner (using appropriate software packages such as Powerpoint, Prezi, Coggle, XMind etc).

At the conclusion of your Research Project your team is required to answer the following question:

“How did the use of Mind Mapping techniques assist (or facilitate) your team in completing this Project”.

Total  =  5 marks

Additional Comments:

 The written response to both of the above question should not exceed 500 words. Please note that this word limit will be strictly enforced and markers will not read (or mark) anything over the 500 word limit.

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