Critical Thinking Assignment 2

Critical Thinking Assignment 2
Those are critical thinking questions for a human sexuality class, and they need to be answered using around 2 pages with good explanations of it answer.
to help you, best source for the answers will be the book “Human Sexuality” written by Craig A. Hill. on Chapter 5.
Chapter 5 The Person: Individuality and Sexuality
Critical Thinking Questions

Think of various people that you know of that are different from one another in their

views and feelings about sexuality.

a. Without using their real names, describe several of these people in terms of the
ways in which their personality is related to their sexuality. Compare them in
terms of the same aspects of personality (for example, how they are similar with
respect to a specific personality trait and how they are different with respect to

b. What role do you think that their family background, treatment by their parents, or
early experiences had on their personality and sexuality development?

c. What role do you think that peers or adolescent experiences had on their
personality and sexuality development?

How is social learning likely to be involved in the development of sexuality for

individuals? In what specific ways has social learning influenced the sexuality of the

people you discussed in #1 above?

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