Cryptography – Encryption in Business Use

Cryptography – Encryption in Business Use
Complete the attached Cryptography/Encryption Matrix by discussing how cryptography and encryption are used within a business to protect critical data for a security
advisory that your learning team will present to the management group of XYZ Company for which your team is serving as consultants.

Focus your discussion on the historic aspect of cryptography as a background up to today’s use of encryption to protect company data. Make sure and address not only
the protection of static data but the use of dynamic areas of business use, such as e-mail. Refer to the following sections of the TestOut® for LabSim® Security Pro
module, “Cryptography”:

· Section 3.1: Cryptography

· Section 3.2: Hashing

· Section 3.3: Symmetric Encryption

· Section 3.4: Asymmetric Encryption

· Section 3.5: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

· Section 3.6: Cryptography Implementations

Note: The Cryptography/Encryption Matrix template is located on the next page.

Cryptography/Encryption Matrix

Issues and Resolutions
I. Encryption is used to protect connections between locations within a company – discuss the use of Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and how encryption is
used to insure security.
II. In some recent cases of breach of security passwords and login credentials, along with identity information was stolen because the data was not
protected. Discuss the proper way to protect critical data relating to customer and employees.
III. Use of public and private keys, to secure information that is passed across networks, is important to the security of company’s data. Explain the use
these encryption features.
IV. Explain the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption and provide examples of their use.
V. Discuss Hashing in the context of securing passwords in a company database for login credentials to standalone applications.
VI. Discuss “cryptography” and “encryption” in terms of acceptance in company operations – address employee’s reluctance to accept and use this security

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