Current Event Article Write-up. Make sure to follow the instructions for full credit. Do not submit any write-ups on crime, sports, gossip (tabloids). The article must relate to government. A current event (online) write -up will be due every week on Friday by 11:30 p.m. Please read and follow the instructions, closely: 1) summarized a current event article that you have selected online from a reputable news source such as the Associate Press, CNN, Foxnews, Houston Chronicle (online), etc. The articlesMUST be about government, economics, international, local or state government. 3) write at least two paragraphs on your article. A paragragh is at least 3-5 sentences each. You must include the following for full credit: ?Title of article 4) cite (complete hyperlink) where you obtain the information from by providing a direct link to the information. In other words, when I cut and paste your URL, it will take me directly to your article.

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