Customer Service Surveys

Customer Service Surveys
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You will complete three customer service surveys for businesses you visited during the first six modules. (Location needs to be Jacksonville, Florida). Many businesses offer “freebies” or a chance to win a cash prize for completing surveys. Businesses often provide a survey website at the bottom of their receipt. Your assignment is to complete three of those surveys.
Each survey requires:
• Copy of the receipt (scanned image or a clearly readable photo is acceptable)
• Screen shot of the final page of the survey. This will serve as proof that you completed the survey.
o How to take a screenshot on Mac:
o How to take a screenshot on Windows 7, 8, 10:
This assignment is worth 60 points in total.
This assignment is due the last day of Module 6, and can be submitted in Module 6, or by selecting the Customer Service Surveys link above. Failure to submit this assignment on time will result in a zero (0) grade.

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