DB Lit7: Sustainable economic development

There are journal articles and other resources you find helpful in developing your practice ideas and philosophies. This week, you will post a review of one article in the Literature Review forum of your small group’s discussion board. Your review should cover one article given in the Literature Review Journal Articles section of this module. Each member of your group must cover a different article from his/her groupmates and this means that early on in the week you should clear up with your groupmates who will cover what article. With each addition to the Literature Review forum, you will need to use correct APA citation. Each reading or resource listed will contain the following: Describe (in 2-4 sentences) why you selected this particular entry. Discuss the main concepts (3-4 sentences). Discuss 2-3 concepts that resonate with you and speak to how they challenged, affirmed or transformed your thinking. Discuss how these concepts will contribute to your practice. State why you believe your classmates will benefit from reading this entry (2-3 sentences). ARTICLE TO USE: Weinberg, A. S. (2000). Sustainable economic development in rural america. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 570, 173-185.

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