Decolonization in Africa

Decolonization in Africa
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For this paper you must track down four or more primary sources and analyze them I would like you to find different types of sources including photos government documents or private papers you may find many more depending on the length as long as you have a few that’s fine

The who what when where question which ultimately leads to the answer why is this document worth reading part of this question is about reliability do you trust the source and part Contextulization

What can be gained from it that you cannot get from reading a secondary source how much does Source help shape our understanding of History or how much it helped fill in some of the gaps in the dominant narrative

How specifically does this information in the document you fit with the themes from the world in a very small place in Africa the book

The point of this paper is to not write full blown research paper. The point is to show me you know the value of primary sources

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