Demonstrate the relationships between mortals

use norton anthology world literature 3rd edtion
1.Consider the nature of the gods or of God in our readings–how do the differnt cultures, which we have studied, demonstrate the relationships between mortals and the gods? This in terms of creation, interaction, the flood, etc.

2. How do we define a leader or a hero in these ancient cultures? How are the men and women in our tales and myths examples of their societies? Also, how is it that egotism, excessive pride (or hubris), or rampant materialism affects heroes, such as Gilgamesh, in a negative way.

3. Compare and Contrast the stories of the Rig Veda and The Metamorphosis. How are they alike? How are they different? Discuss with specific details.

4. Explain in detail and with examples from at least two texts what you have learned about yourself or about today’s modern society from the myths and tales of the societies of our past

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