Describe a family member by addressing nutritional habits

QUESTION 1: Describe a family member or a friend by addressing the following bullets in your response (in essay form):

? Gender and age of individual

? Relationship and family history of disease/lifestyle choices

? Height and Weight (estimate)

? Nutritional habits

? Exercise/physical activity habits

? Substance use (if any, present and/or past use)

? Occupation

? Stress levels (from observation/discussion with this person)

? How this person prevents and/or treats chronic illnesses and diseases

? His/Her outlook on life, quality of life, etc.

Now, once you’ve described this person, answer the following questions:

? What are the positive and negative aspects of this person’s overall lifestyle choices and how is it affecting his or her wellness dimensions (i.e., physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and environmental health-address all six dimensions)?

? Based on your description and the negative aspects you mentioned above, HOW can the person you described better his or her health so he or she can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and chronic stress? Provide 3 specific examples.

? Does this person’s outlook on life directly affect his or her lifestyle choices? Why/why not?

QUESTION 2: First, create a full menu (at least 1 full day of the following meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, & dessert) for someone who is trying to “tone up” by losing unwanted storage fat and gain lean muscle mass via healthy nutrition choices and physical activity. Second, create a sample workout that correlates with his/her fitness goal. The sample workout must be related to one or more of the health-related fitness components (i.e., cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility) and must include detailed information regarding mode, duration, sets, repetitions, intensity, frequency,resistance, and targeted muscle groups. His/her meals should be nutrient-rich and balanced in order to stay energized and gain lean muscle mass. He/she should consume fewer calories that are considered “empty” or that provide no nutritional value. He/she also needs to maintain a healthy metabolism; therefore, eating 5-6 small to medium-sizemeals throughout the day is essential for energy and his or her fitness goals. Your menu and sample workout can be illustrated by using a bulleted list or table format for each meal or you can write the menu and workout in essay form.

The following bullet points should be addressed AFTER you create your menu and workout for the third part of this essay question.

? List 3examples of macro-nutrients and 3 examples of micro-nutrients you included in your meals.

? List 2 specific examples of food items you used as a “healthy version” or healthy substitution in order to make the meal better for the individual (e.g., you included a baked sweet potato instead of French fries, etc.).

? Explain 2 specific aspects of this meal that will help this person reach his or her goal of toning up (losing excess body fat) and gaining lean muscle mass.

? Explain 2 specific examples as to how this menu would help PREVENT chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

? Explain 2 specific examples as to how the individual’s workout can help reduce his or her stress levels.

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