Describe resorts features as if you were advertising resort

Tourist Resort Ads Compare Tahiti to Hawaii
You will need to visit Pacific island web sites. Use the spreadsheet Hawaii_Tahiti.xlsx or the PDF file Hawaii_Tahiti.pdf list to view resort web sites for Hawaii and Tahiti.

Read about each resort. Then, pick one Hawaii resort and one Tahiti resort and describe their features (about 150-200 words each) as if you were advertising the resort to someone interested in visiting there. You may write about any feature you wish, but the best summaries include a general description, accommodations, activities, and possibly the dining. You may describe features displayed in the countless pictures of each resort. Focus on a theme. If you are interested in discussing guest rooms, describe what you see in pictures of guest rooms. If you are interested in dining, read about the dining options and comment about some meals that are mentioned.

You may express your opinions about what you would be most interested in experiencing at each resort. On the other hand, if you are honestly not interested in tropical resorts, you may mention that as well. Consider that these places are luxurious and pamper their guests.

The overall goal of the assignment is to notice a strikingly similar culture, lifestyle, and environment found in both Hawaii and Tahiti. So, a good summary could compare the Hawaiian resort to the Tahitian resort of your choosing. What features are similar in both resorts? You may also mention anything that is different between them. The Polynesian culture encompasses the vast expanse of the Pacific islands, even though the islands are so far away from each other. So, comment on any similar patterns you may notice between Hawaii and Tahiti.

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