Describe the differences between civil and criminal actions

1. Describe the differences between civil and criminal actions. This can also be explained as the distinction between crimes and torts. Specifically, address the goals and objectives of a civil case versus a criminal case, the differences in remedies and outcomes sought, how the commencement of each action differs, and how the players in each system differ. There are four distinct points to be addressed in this part of the paper.

2. Describe a scenario (fact or fiction) in which the same conduct can be prosecuted as a crime and also brought as a civil action. An example here may be the OJ Simpson scenario. In your description, be sure to research and address the following:

A. Explain the elements of the crime chosen, including the mensrea and actusreus . Be sure to provide a legal definition of the crime based on research. You can use your own state’s criminal definition here or rely on the Model Penal Code. Be sure to provide proper in-text and reference page citation for your authority;

B. Indicate whether this crime is mala in se or mala prohibita and explain why;

Indicate the classification of the crime based on your research (i.e., felony or misdemeanor), and the degree, or level, based on the jurisdiction researched.

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