Describe the flow of information in protein production

1. Which of the following correctly describes the flow of information in protein production?
A) DNA  RNA protein
B) protein DNA  RNA
C) protein RNA DNA
D) RNA  DNA  protein

2. One strand of DNA molecule has the base sequence ATAGGT. The complementary base sequence on the other strand of DNA will be

3. The human influenza virus consists of
A) DNA only
B) RNA only
C) RNA plus a phospholipid membrane
D) DNA plus a phospholipid membrane
E) DNA plus RNA

4. Which of the following molecules is directly responsible for the order in which amino acids are added to a growing polypeptide at the ribosome?

5. The genetic code AUG codes for
A) valine & aspartic acid
B) methionine & start
C) isoleucine & tryptophan
D) aspartic acid & stop

6. During the replication of DNA molecules
A) the cell undergoes mitosis
B) both strands of the DNA molecule serve as templates
C) a helix composed of 4 strands is made
D) only one strand of the molecule serves as a template

7. Discovery of the structure of DNA was important to the science of biology because it
A) described a role for nitrogen in biological molecules
B) helped explain life’s unique property of reproduction
C) enabled James Watson and Francis Crick to become famous
D) helped describe a mechanism for the formation of all biological molecules

8. A mutagen such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation may cause
A) a reduction in the number of tRNA molecules
B) problems with mitosis
C) blockage of the ribosome binding sites
D) a change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA

9. Which of the following is an “emerging virus” that has a direct impact on human health?
A) avian flu
B) hepatitis
C) measles
D) influenza

10. A wrongly folded form of protein in brain cells which can cause diseases such as chronic wasting disease in deer and elk is the result of
A) bacteria
B) viruses
C) retroviruses
D) prions


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