Describe the rise of porfirio diaz

1. Identify and describe the most influential independence hero and his role in bringing about the Mexican Independence in Mexico. Be specific in describing his actions and significant role in influencing the independence movement. Was the leader successful? Explain fully.

2. In this reaction response please discuss and identify the critical causes that produced political conflict in the Mexican province of Texas. Discuss fully the background of immigration which brought an influx of American settlers to Texas. Identify the internal political pressures that greatly disturbed both Mexican Texans and technically newly naturalized white settlers who became Mexican citizens. 25pts U.S.-Mexican War.

3. Trace the problems leading to the war with the United States also called the Mexican American War. Examine the relationship between Mexico and the United States and the role of the U.S. President James Knox Polk and the U.S. Ambassador John Sidell towards Mexico. Identify the trigger leading to military conflict focused on U.S. military action. Historical and Political Issues Leading to the Mexican Revolution.

4. Describe the rise of Porfirio Díaz. Díaz policies promoted and were influenced by positivists. Explain this theory held by Mexican leaders called “cientificos” (scientist). Identify the important labor leaders and their movement fighting the economic exploitation and government oppression: Antonio Villareal Juan Sarabia Ricardo and Enrique Magón Describe the role of the following revolutionaries: Pancho Villa (José Doroteo Arango) Emiliano Zapata Describe the rise and fall of Francisco Ignacio Madero. What was the impact of the Mexican Revolution on the people of Mexico?

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