Describes the five phases of an attack


Our text describes the five phases of an attack, and we’ll be discussing all those phases in this course. Although the phases from the text represent a generalized attack framework, any sophisticated attacker that wants to remain successful will have to follow, basically, these steps. As a defender, which of these attack phases is most important to understand and be able to defend against? Why?

For discussion one, please discuss the relevance of the course material you are about to study in the context of a Biblical worldview. Please avoid generalities and discuss specific issues with respect to that worldview.

You must include at least one scholarly citation. This is not a “book report”, so please use your citation to underpin your understanding of the subject matter but do not simply summarize your source. You are also not allowed to use quotations from your source, nor are you allowed to plagiarize. Please contact me immediately if you have questions about this.

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