Description of business research- literature reviews

Description of Business Research- Literature Reviews and Annotated Bibliography

Case- In your Professional Writing course, the instructor has assigned a major research paper on a subject of your choice. The first phase of the assignment is to conduct a literature review, and create an annotated bibliography of the sources you intend to use in writing the paper.

Part #1- After exploring the sub-tabs about Annotated Bibliography How-tos and Literature Reviews, please answer these questions-

Part #2- How does a literature review differ from a typical research paper?

Part #3- What techniques should you use to summarize and synthesize an entire reference source into a single paragraph annotation?

Part #4- How should you assess and reflect on the entries in your annotated bibliography?

Part #5- Critical Thinking Question

Do you believe creating an annotated bibliography for a research project will speed up or slow down the project, overall? Be sure to clearly state the reasons for your opinion.

Give me the explanation of business research. What is difference between literature review and typical research paper.

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