descriptive essay,


Some Self-rt’flt’cliun Qtu‘s‘tifln‘oi
L at}. tittha HIJIL’HI‘CIH That {Ulla mj. It‘dtjt’t’ Mm I am (tucxthtrtt’ and the mam impresston ome descnptton
3 l hmv at lcuxt * actual} tlctmlfikicwnptmns


l he t’cudct xwuld know that I am developing my mam impression because:
4, I Ian v I pmvtdcd cnnttgh dctauls and descriptions to enable my readers to gain a complete and find main
5. Haw l lctt nut any mtnnr but important details?
tn Haw 1 used words that convey my cmotwn or perspective?
7 Arc them any unncccsxary dctatls m my description?
8, Dues my]; paragraph at the essay focus on om: aspect of the dcscnption?
f 7,_-_-*%_
‘I Arc you paragraphs ordered in the most effective way”?\

Review your brainstorming ideas and reflect on your outline for your descriptive essay,
What is the. object/subject of the description in your essay?
Wnte some notes on relevant background information your reader will need.
What is your thesis statement” the main impression or idea you want to impress about your subject in yr

What details will you include in your description to support your main idea? What sensory details?
What strategy and organization plan do you think is the best one to accomplish your purpose?

What is the final opinion you want to give about your description?

Essay a 2: Description Guidelines
T‘ if (“fish u’alf’i‘, WE? (it’uzfr ti: dewh: one of the follow mg top is
f’« 51374: f-‘-‘ f’f‘r‘i-i lfrl‘r’g of psy’ctigi-cigzaal errfrrieflce jizr’itarrass’fierf, pair», repertafce, shame, bsiss etc l 1.3 a
guise to dossc-lcio your HE‘.A”,’_ read Langston Hugh}; “Salaatiofl’
Z 3′- D’dllfi‘ C” lilt‘l‘iilf‘fl Uf Dwaondi AND (ultural lszDrfarlir? A; a rod” to deaf/3:3 ySu.’ essay, Angel-cu,
3 VOW ‘dt‘fltlf-‘v‘ Of l’lv identity of a community to. a pump tr; Ceyé-‘Op yO’fl essay, read arid sudy Angelou,
Champiori” and Barret ~Old Before her Time”
1 Choose one of the tepics and read the article related to your topic
2 Study the overall impression of the a’ticle’ organization, patterns of deve‘aoprr‘em and the language of your
“model’ essay
3 Using your model as guide: PRE ~WRITE your own essay
1s Brainstorm your topic,

Devebpmg Thesfs Seapo’tme Wests-{mews “a Cry“:
‘.’s.3 Ange :. Curiae” c‘ t’ie v.34:
“.~“”h1fl-‘’n’k-‘- -” i l k ‘ ~ -‘ it
n at So: gut}. .’:.. g
2 ‘. net 5 t’e as“ “a“: -~’:’ess-:”‘
3, What 3’9 (“5 c; “er-3”: i:71t£”»3″t$ c‘ C’s-$3123.39
5 What are the strategkes wetwacsdete is used zn her cesmctcn’
Strategies used in the text
Sensory detai‘s
Symbols and metaphors
Support and Organization:
List Mam Ideas,

List Support for each main idea

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