Design a recruitment and selection process

Design a recruitment and selection process that is linked to an organisation’s human resource strategy and business strategy.

Appraise and debate how technology can support and enhance the HR function.


Word count: 1,200 words excluding your referencing.

You should present your assignment in the form of a management report, (you do not need to include an executive summary) but you should divide your report into clear sections.

Reference correctly in-text and include a full reference section. Well-reasoned conclusions are presented.

Punctuation and grammar are correct.


You are a Human Resource Manager at the Warehouse plc. You have been tasked with planning the next graduate recruitment campaign for the company.

Your tasks are to:

1. Forecast the number of new graduates that need to be recruited in the next campaign. You may assume that a minimum of 25 Trainee Store Manager (graduates) are required to sustain ?normal’ growth. You should review latest available financial results and growth expectations and provide your forecast of numbers in light of this information. You should state any assumptions you are making. Also, provide a brief assessment of anything that may impact the likely supply of graduates (up to 200 words) e.g. demographic shifts

2. Produce a job specification and a person specification for the role of Trainee Store Manager. You may use publicly available information on the Warehouse graduate trainee store manager programme to assist you in putting together a job and person specification for the role. In the absence of any such information, please state any assumptions you are making.

3. Design a Recruitment and Selection campaign to attract potential graduates. You should include the following:

a. Advertising channels that will be used to advertise the vacancies and justification for their use.

b. Decide how applications will be received e.g. standard form, covering letter, CV, online or paper submission with reasons for your decisions.

c. Discuss how you will create a shortlist of applicants and describe the selection techniques that will be employed e.g. interview(s), testing

d. Formulate measures to assess the success of the campaign.

e. Assess the impact you expect e-recruitment technology to have in this campaign.

You have been given a basic timeline as follows. If you need to deviate from this you will have to present a well-argued email to the Director of HR (which you should include).


Forecast number of new graduates required in the context of Warehouse plc financial results and growth plans.


Plan recruitment and selection campaign, including advertising channels.



January – Mid-March

Recruitment and Selection

By end of March

Offer letters sent to successful candidates

Start dates from mid-April for new candidates

Induction begins (you may assume discussion of the induction process is outside the scope of this piece of work)

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