develop a set of arguments either for or against Graded Assessment in Competency Based Training

Locate your arguments within the overall context of Assessment in AVE in Australia
Support your arguments with references to at least four pieces of literature
Develop your arguments logically and coherently
Part B. (30% – approximately 1,500 words)

This part of Assessment Item 2 asks you to explore the nature of assessment in your particular context or future context.

You will need to discuss:

Your role(s) as an assessor in your own professional setting
Issues associated with assessment in your professional context
Current trends in assessment in your own professional area
Ethical issues associated with assessment practices in your professional context
Support your arguments with at least 5 pieces of relevant literature.

This assignment is designed to explore your understanding of the principles of good assessment practice and how they apply in a variety of teaching and learning settings.

It also explores the arguments for or against the use of graded assessment in Vocational Education in Australia.

You are strongly urged to check the marking criteria as you plan and draft this assignment. This assignment covers learning outcomes 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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