Develop matlab function for the fixed-point method

Question: Develop your own Matlab function for the Fixed-point method. Use the estimated relative error as your stopping criterion. The first line of your function should be function [root,froot,ea,iter] = fixedpoint(func,xr,es,maxit) where func is the function handle for the function to find the root of, xr is the initial guess for the starting point,es is the stopping criterion for the approximate relative error, and maxit is the maximum number of iterations; root is the value of the root, froot is the function value at root, ea is the approximate error of that root, and iter is the number of iterations needed.
Test your code for f(x) = 0.2-log(x^0.2) = 0, using an initial guess of xr = 1 and a stopping criterion es=1.e-4. (The correct result is x=exp(1)= 2.718281828459046.)

Can someone demonstrate me how to write a proper code for this problem and how to complete it. Thanks

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