Develop requirements traceability matrix

Requirements Traceability Matrix: The GlobalUBid.Com Case Study will be used to develop a requirements traceability matrix describing and following the life of requirements in both the forward and backward direction.
Paper Guidelines:Each student is required to submit a tabular matrix. The matrix must be of high quality and in APA format, if applicable (a web link and samples of citation format are posted in the Course Materials section of the classroom). All information that is not original to the student MUST be cited properly. The Technology Matrix must be submitted into the student’s folder in the classroom for grading. Note that ALL materials submitted into the classroom are considered submitted for grading unless clearly noted as DRAFT. Listing sources on a reference page does NOT constitute citation. Citation to sources is required whether or not the student uses direct quotes. Information that is summarized or paraphrased from research sources MUST be cited. Note that the papers will be graded in accordance with the Rubric and formatting materials documented in the grading and writing requirements area of the syllabus. Note that Wikipedia is NOT considered a valid source for reference. Citations to Wikipedia will not be considered as valid sources and will count against the overall grade of the matrix.

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