Develop rules that prevent freshmen from becoming fraternity

1. According to the Matz and Nibbelink research in 2004 it is understood that the attention drawn to the face and head in the women’s lacrosse teams injuries seems to be more of the focus than the traditional attention to protecting players.
2. In 2003 Petroskie specifies that according to sites and text everyday creativity with those products such as duct tape and WD-40 are clearly lubricants which solves problems such as peanut butter in dog hair, glue, ink spots, old tape, bothersome pigeons, insects
grass dried.

3.Let it be suggested by college professors Kuh, Pascarella, and Wechsler (1996) to develop rules that prevent freshmen from becoming fraternity members for they feel that freshmen membership in a fraternity can result in lower grades, a narrow social circle, and limited mental growth (p. A68).

4. According to the publication event Name = preview Exercise & exercise ID=14031 Damon (1997) states that television exerts an extremely negative influence on children’s motivation to perform well in school for reasons that it tends to send messages of intellectual characters as “losers” or social misfits. Where it is said that children are like sponges and merely absorb this message those who are already aware of other cultural stereotypes already feel as though to receive an education is a waste of time. The article then go into depth further where if feels girls in particular are more vulnerable to societal prejudice that discourages them from pursuing their interest in math and science because according to men it will make them less attractive. Television reinforces this fear by presenting anyone who is “book smart” as unpopular and undesirable.

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